Nagging, Because sometimes you just have to ignore it and not punch her in the face


Legion. 02.08.2010 17:34
Me Has Mind Fuck Resistance 100%
Watch Meh Ignore U.
doggy 02.08.2010 23:26
I Can't Hear You Over The Sound of How Awesome I Am
QBA 02.08.2010 23:41
Nagging bitch!!!
response 03.08.2010 0:43
hurry up and slap a bitch
naggers 03.08.2010 13:09
people who annoy you
elf 03.08.2010 18:35
all nice, but there are 2 bitches ;)
logik 12.11.2010 22:57
Tak jak w jednym polskim teledurnieju "Zajecie wymagające krzepy"

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