Eurofags, You'll Have to Whine Louder. America Can't Hear You from Up Here.


falling 20.02.2009 23:40
żałosne. do skasowania imo.
m g o 07.04.2009 21:28
Yeah yeah, big baaad USA. Go and eat your big mac fat fucks.
... 01.05.2009 23:14
Coz you're dropping bombs over your own country, faggot...
bedi 10.05.2009 21:29
pfffff pathetic...
STG 28.05.2009 15:17
Stupid. FunnyNOT
RhavoX 17.06.2009 23:24
skasowac... TO juz jest ponizej wszelkiego poziomu
Sob 20.06.2009 13:06
Wrecz przeciwnie - zostawic

Ku pamieci naszych inteligentnych i pomyslowych zachodnich "braci"

Bojownik JM 27.06.2009 0:51
to są Rocky Mountains... w Europie takich gór nie ma
Strafę 51 bombardują?

Znowu coś spieprzyliście!?!
Znowu ściągnęliście na ziemie jakiś clusterfuck!?!
i co? liczycie że się znowu obronicie sami w chwale?
O niedoczekanie wasze!
anonymous 07.07.2009 21:07
fap fap fap
Naish 09.07.2009 3:12
Well, at least we don't use flying dong-look-a-like planes when it comes to war. Plus, doesn't USA flag have stipes not grid?
CatAcid 02.10.2009 8:30
go eat your fat fucking donuts and die from diarea
hungy 16.10.2009 10:28
@naish owned...
Wielebny 14.11.2009 14:43
pomoc medyczna dla dzieci w etiopi leci :D
noname 13.12.2009 21:49
bk 16.12.2009 15:36
Kyle 03.01.2010 23:10
As pathetic as the polish jokes. From the same shelf, we could say.
drTERROR 08.01.2010 11:56
Na amerykańskim poziomie...średnio zaskakujące :_)
Bedussey 09.01.2010 22:44
I would say that Americans are bunch of retards, but I don't give a fuck, I am from Poland and I do respect other nations and I'm not a fucking neo-kid, so please... Americans stay calm I know how that fucking no live nerds can be a pain in the ass but rly not all polish people suck :)
And Poland don't give a fuck too, this is just a joke, Europeans can be dub sometimes too. Chill people ;)
Make friends not enemies :P
HairyTesticles 24.04.2010 11:56
@Wielebny - hahahaha. Dobre!
av #56421
lulisz 10.06.2010 13:07
no... just no...
dawidkiller3 24.07.2010 16:19
America, in that case you against all odds :3. GL Americofags
Superior american 11.11.2010 23:33
Bahahaha loling hard at all of the mad eurofags in this comment section.

Please bawww more, it feels good to hear the acknowledgment of our superiority.
Dawidkiller3 13.02.2011 1:46
Yes, go destroy a whole world, master :3.
sl3p5 22.08.2011 10:28
u.s. fags..

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