Loltery, You can't win if you don't play


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Nozownik 06.02.2011 13:08
You can't waste money if you don't play.
Railgun 06.02.2011 13:36
Playing is the first step to losing ...
uuu 06.02.2011 13:46
jakie mądrości od samego rana
Cyberion 06.02.2011 14:31
writing the the first step to trollin lulz
Kain 06.02.2011 14:35
Loltery is gay... Balls are touching...
some random dude 06.02.2011 19:59
there is only one winner, the rest are just losers and this means...
... 06.02.2011 23:33
what a perfect waste of space for a nice demot...
FAT MEN 07.02.2011 14:27
Ten demot jest tak ujmujący że zaraz chyba sobie odgryze stope :[

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